RUN MOM RUN relies heavily on sponsorships to make our event run smoothly and be wildly successful. We wouldn't be able to organize such a fantastic community event without our sponsors' gracious help. If you are interested in sponsoring RUN MOM RUN, either in-kind or for a cash amount, please visit the CONTACT US page and call, email, or fill out the online form. We promise that you will get great value for your contribution, you will be highly visible to a great group of folks, and you will be supporting the education of the children of Visitation School as well as the families cared for so tenderly by Alexandra's House.


Maybe you are an individual who is personally connected to Visitation School. Maybe you believe in or have been affected by the caring, compassionate staff of Alexandra's House. Maybe you are just a wonderfully generous person who can't participate in the race-day events of RUN MOM RUN. Whatever the reason, we would greatly appreciate your cash donation in support of our event. Please visit our REGISTRATION page for details of how to donate either online, by mail or in person. We thank you in advance for your huge heart and generosity!