Visitation School


The primary beneficiary of RUN MOM RUN is Visitation School. We are proud of our award-winning school for the excellent learning experience it provides for our children and we are grateful for the tight-knit community that has grown around it. Your participation, donation or sponsorship of RUN MOM RUN will provide funds that are essential to the ongoing operation of Visitation School as well as funds to help our school stay up to date with the very latest curriculum, technology and teaching materials--not to mention a staff of exceptionally talented teachers and administrators. Beyond their technical studies, our students are also instilled with a moral compass based on religious values, not least of which is the importance of giving oneself back to the community. Your support of RUN MOM RUN is not only a gift today, it is also an investment in the future of all of the communities that will be touched by our graduates.


A portion of the funds raised by RUN MOM RUN will be donated to Alexandra's House. Alexandra’s House is a community based, all volunteer, peer-led perinatal hospice and infant care system for parents pregnant with babies with lethal or sub-lethal anomalies, for pregnancies that end unexpectedly at any point, from any cause, and for infants who die in the community, any cause. While its foundation is rooted in faith, its services offer a practical solution in meeting the time-intensive needs of families in these situations.

Alexandra's House

Alexandra’s House does not interfere with or substitute for any existing medical, social, or hospice agencies’ services. What it does is to help fill in the many gaps in care that do exist, as defined by those who have lived the experience of caring for a dying unborn or newborn baby. The ideal time to consult Alexandra’s House is at the time of diagnosis or loss: a) so parents are fully informed and b) to help alleviate some of the acute anxiety and very common feelings of isolation and abandonment. Alexandra’s House does not charge for its services nor does it accept contributions from people they serve.